Ep. 4 PRSNT Podcast | Musican Bonnie Paine of Elephant Revival

Bonnie Paine May is multi-instrumentalist and the lead singer of Elephant Revival, a folk music group from Nederland, Colorado, formed in 2006. We met Bonnie Paine at a music festival called “Caravan to Wondergrass” in Ojai, CA last fall. Elephant Revival was the headliner of the festival and we were invited up there by our friend and producer of the festival, Scotty Stugthon, to celebrate Chanelles birthday.

It only took minutes after meeting with the band that we realized Bonnie was a soul sister. It was also clear to us that we were meant to connect deeper at some point. The next time we saw Bonnie was in Breckenridge, Colorado, our winter base the past 7 years. We got to take her snowboarding and she tried to teach us how to play the cello (it is really hard btw but completely heart opening)

She picked up snowboarding wayyy faster than we picked up the music - LOL. Bonnie is such a talented human and pours her heart and soul into her musical performances. Her voice is angelic and we are pretty sure she can figure out how to play any instrument you put in front of her within a few minutes. She can even make a construction saw sing!!

Most of all she is a kind, generous, soft adventurous spirit that is also in love with nature.

Our roadtrip from Jackson Hole, Wyoming continued and as we past through Breckenridge, Colorado we recorded a PRSNT podcast with Bonnie. When reunited in Boulder a month later and co-wrote the jingle for our show. Today we are so excited to share this deep dive where we get to know Bonnie even better with all of you...

If you are not one of the 150.000 humans who subscribe to her spotify each month already, if not maybe you will want to join the party and enjoy Elephant Revivals  soulful music.