EP. 2 PRSNT Podcast: Lyndsy Dyer

We first met Lynsey in Utah back in November, during the annual Protect Our Winters athletes Summit. The first day we all went to rock climb as a  “get to know each other better” activity. We instinctively knew we were were meant to be friends with Lynsey as she also brought a fedora hat to the climbing gym. We quickly found out that we shared more things in common than the hats and we spent the next days connecting through our shared passion for protecting our winters and our environment in general. As she invited us on her Podcast we learned that. Her latest project, her podcast; Showing UP, can be found in the show notes. We also share interest in creative storytelling and film projects with a deeper purpose Lindsey was the mastermind behind and the producer of (and also skied in) the all girls ski movie Pretty Faces. Lindsey invited us out to visit her in Jackson Hole in December, so we packed up our summer home in California and headed out to Wyoming.

This episode was recorded on a fallen tree in the teton backcountry as we watched the sunset snacking on our hippie food and reflecting on life. 

As the three of us are always seeking the abnormal experience, we decided to bring all our podcast gear out into the Teton Backcountry and record an adventure cast.