PRSNT PERFORMANCE continues to fine tune its approach to self development technologies and unlocking creative channels.

All of us could use more energy, focus, clarity, and creativity. Whether its in the workplace, at home, at school, we guarantee a weekend with us with help you shift out of survive and into thrive mode.  Thats the power of spending a whole weekend or day where being in the moment is the ultimate goal.

You could be channeling the moment in nature facing some fears, or diving into some meditation, you may be learning how to use nutrition as your medicine and fuel, or just sitting and being for the first time in awhile.  Slow down, to become more focused, efficient and happy.  We all perform our best, when we are centered, focused and happy.



Are you and your friends waiting for us to design a camp near you?  Are you living on the other side of the world?  No distance would stop us from sharing this powerful experience for those seeking a radical weekend of awakening.



Want to mix things up? Want to get your employees creative channels opened up again?  Do you want your employees to turn the daily black and white, into the full spectrum of color?  Help them gain long term techniques from some of the top athletes in the world?


Do you want us to come host a weekend for your yoga studio, running club, cross fit group?

Does your meet up group want to take their adventurers and growth to the next level.  Reach out, we would love to facilitate for you.

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