How To Be A Soul Searcher: Chanelle Sladics | Salted Spirit Podcast

Chanelle pauses in between world travel to reset in nature at her grandparents cabin, and provide us with a dynamic interview. We go deep on how to be motivated by stress, out of body experiences at a young age, challenging Christianity and why seeds matter. This is an interview where we truly peel back the onion, and understand how dynamic one woman can be.

Highlights from the Show

  • How to embrace when weird things happen
  • Why getting back to nature is critical for human survival
  • What is permaculture and why should we care about seeds?
  • How to be motivated by other creatives and why you should be selective when building your tribe
  • The first steps to achieving happiness

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    Photo: Kjersti Buaas

    Photo: Kjersti Buaas



    Work on your tan while catching some waves at this women's retreat in Costa Rica. Pro athletes Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics will have you embracing the extreme with surf clinics, snorkel excursions and paddle boarding.



    July 17, 2013 | By: Mary Walsh



    SANTA CRUZ, CA, June 28, 2013 - Real Surf Trips today announced the exclusive, “Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat” at their luxurious. “Wave House” beach home in Playa Negra, Costa Rica starting Sep 14, 2013  and going through Sep 21, 2013. The retreat all-inclusive and includes a 5 bedroom/4 bath luxury lodging facility with wi-fi, large screen tv’s, pool, 3 meals per day, airport pick up and drop off and transportation to surf breaks and diving. The Wave House is located a short walk to the water in a warm and beautiful laid-back surf and beach community that boasts beautiful and secluded beaches and consistent waves.

    The Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat is being taught by two professional snowboarder’s,  X-Games Bronze Medalist, Chanelle Sladics, a Yogaworks® graduated teacher and avid environmental activist and Kjersti Buaas, Olympic Bronze Medalist, with 15 years of experience competing on the snowboard world tour. She is currently working towards her fourth Olympics.

    This special week will focus on nutrition, meditation, breath-work, presentness, flexibility, and yin/yang balance through physical “rock n roll” activities like surfing, SUP, yoga and diving.  Attendees will leave with an elevated connection to themselves, the planet, and “being here now.”

    In addition to the groups collective voice and goals, mother nature’s weather will determine what activities we can do and when. Yoga will be practiced daily and the cuisine for the week will focus on local, non GMO and organic whole foods.

    Chanelle Sladics said, “My passion for health, the environment, snowboarding, SUP, surfing, diving and yoga has inspired me to start camp retreats in remote locations to immerse “campers” in nature to use their mind, body, and soul to reconnect with who they are, what they are capable of, and have a blast!  Real Surf Trips are great partners to initiate this camp series as their location in Costa Rica is very sustainability focused with lots of yummy local farm fresh foods to eat, the local surf breaks are epic, diving is nearby, yoga is everywhere”.

    Kjersti Buaas said, “I am so grateful that Chanelle and I get to host “The Womens Radical Wellness Retreat” in Costa Rica. It is an honor to share common grounds and work with Real Surf Trips, as our philosophy for life is similar. We aim to play and learn through surfing, SUP, yoga, cooking, reading, watching documentaries and other fun activities and want to expand our vision on how to live in harmony with our beautiful earth. I am confident it will be a week filled with laughs, passion, love, connections, activity and growth!”

    For more pricing and more information, please visit, or call 831-440-7676

    REAL WOMEN PLAY HARD by Austin Mag


    Combine yin consciousness with yang activity at the Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica.

    By Molly McManus, Photo by Tony Roberts.

    Pura vida! Literally translated to “pure life,” this customary saying embodies all that is Costa Rica. It can be expressed in gratitude, in greeting and in farewell; a person can be described as being pura vida; or glasses will salute “Pura vida!” or, “Cheers to the good life!” Cast your fears, preconceived notions and apprehension aside and experience pura vida during a week to remember for a lifetime.

    From September 14–21, the Real Surf Trips Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat in Playa Negra, Costa Rica, provides a unique opportunity for the adventure-seeker wanting to connect with the natural world, a different country and culture, others, and, most importantly, themselves. Every aspect of the retreat has a specific purpose and intention. From surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling and free diving, to yoga, meditation, healthy eating, educational enrichment programs and discussion forums , this all-inclusive retreat is designed to physically and mentally challenge, in order to have a transformative effect on its participants.

    Professional snowboarders Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics will host the retreat. If you don’t know who these two phenomenal athletes are, allow me to sum them up in two words: Bad. Ass. Buaas is an Olympic bronze medalist, Sladics an X-Games bronze medalist. Not only are these women successful on the slopes, they are also deeply passionate about building community with other women, the environment, and personal growth and understanding.

    “I’m looking for community building,” says Sladics about the Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat. “I’m really grateful for people who choose to let down their guard and be themselves.”

    She says she hopes the trip will allow women to open up and expose who they are more and more throughout the week.

    “Maybe [the participants] haven’t tried some of the activities before,” offers Buaas, who stresses that whether or not you have prior knowledge in surfing or the other water sports offered, it is important to come in with a playful attitude and an open mind.

    “The beginner’s mind is always something I’m speaking to,” Buaas explains. “It’s so fun, pure, curious. It’s also nonjudgmental, which is inspiring.”

    She says her goal is to go in with an open mind as well, soaking up the advice and information participants will share with one another. Both Buaas and Sladics are certified in permaculture design and want to bring their knowledge of sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems to the retreat so they can share what they ’ve learned with their respective homes and communities upon leaving Costa Rica.

    Permaculture, profoundly tied to nutrition, plays a huge part in Sladics and Buaas’s lives. In line with this, three meals a day will be provided that are locally sourced, non-GMO and organic whole foods. Cuisine will include local eggs, vegetables, fruit and fish freshly caught from the ocean just minutes away. The retreat combines more extreme, adventurous sports with mellow, reflective body movement, to encourage yang activities inspired by yin energy from within. Guidance along the way will help in understanding how each moment has intention and purpose, providing foundation for personal growth, mental clarity and body awareness.

    “I’m excited to be a guide, with an effort to basically balance the yin and the yang,” says Sladics. “The Western world tends to live in a more yang side of things, constantly moving, accomplishing, succeeding and progressing. Then there’s the Eastern yin side of things, which is very peaceful and about reflection, analyzing and slowing down, breathing…to really help find a more healthy balance.”

    Buaas points to another important part of the retreat.

    “I want to have fun and inspire a playful environment. You can learn and you can grow and have fun at the same time. It doesn’t all need to be serious.”

    Spots are limited, so take the opportunity to escape into pura vida and explore how Costa Rica and the Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat can benefit you. It will be impossible to not take away a newfound sense of self, mental and physical strength, purpose, and knowledge to carry with you as you return to your normal life.


    Bob Witty and Tony Roberts wanted to offer a special surf destination they could share with friends and other surf enthusiasts, and thus Real Surf Trips was born. Living in Costa Rica for 20 years and surfing the world for almost three decades, they settled on the most consistent place for best surf conditions and great, uncrowded waves: Playa Negra, Costa Rica.


    The Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat takes place at Real Surf Trip’s luxurious Wave House on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica at Playa Negra. The Wave House, located a short walk to the water in a warm and beautiful laid-back surf and beach community that boasts beautiful secluded beaches and consistent waves, is an extravagant lodging facility including Wi-Fi, large-screen TVs and a pool. Three meals per day will be provided, along with airport pick up/ drop off and transportation to surfing and diving. Fresh, local food is served three times a day. Snorkel the crystal-clear waters of Playa Negra’s hidden coves for a chance to see puffer fish, parrot fish, eels, rays and more.


    Kjersti Buaas

    Buaas is a Norwegian Olympic bronze medalist, with 15 years of experience competing on the snowboard world tour. She is the cofounder of One Life, an organization that strives to demonstrate ecofriendly and playful values, making cultural connections, and exploring the natural world. She is currently working toward her fourth Olympics.

    Chanelle Sladics

    Sladics, an XGames bronze medalist and YogaWorks certified teacher, enjoys surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, free diving and yoga, and is passionate about wellness and environmental sustainability. Also a cofounder of One Life, Sladics loves providing transformative camps and retreats to women across the globe.