PRNST invited alongside 250 other thought leaders to one of the biggest wellness events on the planet. She talks about how to reverse climate change

Navitas Insider Chanelle Sladics invited alongside 250 other thought leaders to one of the biggest wellness events on the planet. She talks about how to reverse climate change with our food systems leading the way.

P: @kjerstibuaas

P: @kjerstibuaas

revitalize mbg

Written by @ChanelleSladics

Photos by @KjerstiBuaas


I was honored to receive an invite to Mind Body Green’s prestigious annual event called #REVITALIZE, an exclusive health & wellness event hosted by one of the largest online health & wellness platforms in the world. Three days 250 thought leaders gather with 1 mission.  Kjersti Buaas, my partner in PRSNT Adventure Retreats, and I hit the road to the Arizona desert to expand our knowledge and look at new approaches to optimize our health even more.  At Revitalize there were fascinating classes, invigorating lectures, and critical information about reversing climate change to save the planet! I am so excited to take this information forward with me in my life and am excited to share with you.


chanelle sladics biet revitalize

I arrived with high expectations as I knew I would be immersed with top medical doctors, athletes, yoga, meditation and spiritual teachers, journalist, chefs, and business owners, in addition to many other thought leaders of various fields.

chanelle sladics meditation revitalize


A huge intention of MBG is to create opportunities for attendees to intermingle and connect through a series of wellness experiences like yoga, meditation, live music, breathwork, ceremony and of course food!  

chanelle sladics daypack revitalize

Each activity was back to back, so I was ecstatic to stuff my daypack with the essentials I would need to stay fueled. Included: my 3L water gator, Navitas Organics Matcha Tea in my Simply Straws mug and straw, and Navitas snacks. I leaned on hydrating with Navitas Organics new focus blend to keep me clear and energized. The blend has my favorites all in one place: Maca, Matcha, Yerba Mate, Mushrooms, Ashwagandha.

chanelle sladics yoga sexy lululemon

I am a total learning nerd, so I practically ran from workshop to workshop to squeeze in as many opportunities and experiences as I could. The world class teachers and world class vibes, kept me buzzing from class to class.


The classes I prioritized were: Yoga with Caley Alyssa and Kathryn Budig, Meditation with Biet Simkin and Light Watkins, Breathwork with Brian MacKenzie and Ashley Neese, as well as Ceremony with Shaman Durek. Each class was individually taught, but I was happy to clock in my daily yoga, meditation and breathwork with some of the leading teachers in the world.



paul hawken mind body green

Saturday was a live event watched by millions around the world, with us in the audience.  Each talk unique in its own and relevant to our times, took us closer towards progression in mutual fields.  A cocktail of keynotes, panels, and Q & A, kept each talk fresh and exciting.  Topics spanned from reversing Climate Change, to preventing disease, gut health, using social media for greater good, balancing work, health, happiness, lifestyle and sooooo much more. Here is a link to the content


Paul Hawken, executive director of Project Drawdown, introduced a comprehensive plan to reverse climate change in the next 30 years. His talk spoke most deeply to me, as the causes and effects of climate change affect every aspect of our lives and future here on earth. I was brought to tears of joy multiple times, as I felt for the first time someone is actually organizing a truly scalable solution for this ever-daunting challenge.


I would like to note Drawdown is a living project, with alterations being made day to day, as new solutions and technologies become available. Project Drawdown is the first effort to measure and project the collective impact of a broad range of solutions if implemented at scale! Rather than focusing on a single solution or sector of solutions, Drawdown has done the math on what humanity is capable of achieving with the broad range of tools already in use around the globe. These are the people who have done the work to assemble these solutions:

Researchers, scientists, graduate students, PhDs, post-docs, policy makers, business leaders and activists banding together to present the best available information on climate solutions in order to describe their beneficial financial, social and environmental impact over the next thirty years.



I have been awakening to our damaged food systems for the past 10 years. It has become very attractive to me to understand how we can sustainably grow nutrient dense food and how we could scale that effort sustainably at a commercial level.



chanelle sladics navitas maca cashew


#3 Reduced Food Waste 70.53 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction) N/A Billion in Savings

Producing uneaten food squanders resources and generates 8 percent of emissions. Interventions can reduce waste at key points, as food moves from farm to fork.


#4 Plant-Rich Diet 66.11 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction) N/A Billion in Savings

Meat-centric diets come with a steep climate price tag: one-fifth of global emissions. Plant-rich diets dramatically reduce emissions and rates of chronic disease.


#9 Silvopasture 31.19 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction) $699.37 Billion in Savings

Silvopasture is an ancient practice, integrating trees and pasture into a single system for raising livestock. It sequesters carbon while improving animal health and productivity.


#11 Regenerative Agriculture 23.15 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction) $1,928.10 Billion in Savings

The practices of regenerative agriculture increase carbon-rich soil organic matter. Enhancing and sustaining the health of the soil sequesters carbon and improves productivity.


#14 Tropical Staple Trees 20.19 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction)  $626.97 Billion in Savings

Tropical staple trees provide important foods, such as bananas and avocado. Compared to annual crops, they have similar yields but higher rates of carbon sequestration.


#16 Conservation Agriculture 17.35 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction)  $2,119.07 Billion in Savings

Conservation agriculture avoids tilling and employs cover crops and crop rotation. By protecting the soil, it makes land more resilient and sequesters carbon.


#17 Tree Intercropping 17.20 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction)  $22.10 Billion in Savings

Like all regenerative land-use practices, tree intercropping—intermingling trees and crops—increases the carbon content of the soil and productivity of the land.


#19 Managed Grazing 16.34 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction)  $735.27 Billion in Savings

Managed grazing imitates the activity of migratory herds to improve soil health, carbon sequestration, water retention, and forage productivity.

project drawdown top solutoins




Marine Permaculture

Marine permaculture utilizes floating, latticed structures designed to grow rich kelp forests and foster marine life. It could sequester billions of tons of carbon dioxide.


A Cow Walks Onto A Beach- Feed Cow Seaweed

Asparagopsis taxiformis, a species of seaweed, shows promise for reducing methane emissions from livestock—currently 4 to 5 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions.


You can watch Paul Hawen’s talk here


Project Drawdown’s initiatives improve lives, create jobs, restore the environment, enhance security, generate resilience, and advance human health. So we would have no regrets in implementing these solutions immediately as they have intrinsic benefits to our communities and economies. (Facts & info collected from


Paul Hawken was awarded a lifetime achievement award for Project Drawdown. I am looking forward to educating myself more and doing my best to share his organization's solutions.  


I hope your heart is singing the same harmonies of hope as mine after an inspiring weekend with Mind Body Green.  Lets rock out these solutions together. Take on what is closest in reach for you. Find your place of passion in these issues and pursue them relentlessly. Vote with your purchases for the future you want, now.  Choose brands you can believe in, like Navitas Organics. B Corporations (beneficial corporations) committed to organic practices and nutrient dense food are changing our food industry.  I was truly honored and humbled to meet so many committed humans, brands, entrepreneurs, journalists, innovators, musicians, artists and so many more who are driving us into the possibilities of the future. #livelifepositive


Written by @ChanelleSladics

Photos by @KjerstiBuaas




prsnt podcast

A global "adventurecast" bringing raw, mindful conversations, with leading experts in inspiring industries, to life. We seek to shine the light on diverse topics including health, travel, personal growth, outdoor adventures, athleticism, entrepreneurship, start-ups, women's empowerment, meditation, western and eastern medicine, science, environmental issues and solutions, sustainability, culture, arts and much more. Whether we are recording on a train, plane or automobile or deep in the backcountry, we invite you to join our unique conversations that will remind you of the power of the prsnt moment.

Our intention is to use our platforms as professional athletes to connect with humans that we find inspiring and bring them onto our nomadic stage. We intend to use our curious minds and growth-seeking spirits to get deep with both the guest and the audience. 

With a playful, weird, wellness evangelically and authentic approach, we invite the listener to #BPRSNT with us as we take them on extraordinary adventures, with a goal to touch unfamiliar terrain within. 
We seek to engage, empower, inspire and awaken people and their true spirits and be a collective voice as a force for good, both for human and planetary health and wellness.   

How To Be A Soul Searcher: Chanelle Sladics | Salted Spirit Podcast

Chanelle pauses in between world travel to reset in nature at her grandparents cabin, and provide us with a dynamic interview. We go deep on how to be motivated by stress, out of body experiences at a young age, challenging Christianity and why seeds matter. This is an interview where we truly peel back the onion, and understand how dynamic one woman can be.

Highlights from the Show

  • How to embrace when weird things happen
  • Why getting back to nature is critical for human survival
  • What is permaculture and why should we care about seeds?
  • How to be motivated by other creatives and why you should be selective when building your tribe
  • The first steps to achieving happiness

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    Photo: Kjersti Buaas

    Photo: Kjersti Buaas





    Words by Gabby Aguirre from Zeal Optics Blog

    All gathered in a circle on the floor, Kjersti leads the ladies of December’s PRSNT Performance Camp into a collective deep breath and pulls from a deck of spiritual cards. “Purpose,” she reads, “I discover the meaning and purpose of life in the process of overcoming difficulties with dignity, courage, and faith. I am on purpose.” She pauses.

    This practice is one that Kjersti and Chanelle have integrated into all of their PRSNT camps. It’s a kind of active meditation, an exercise in expression, an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of your chosen card and express where it fits in your life.



    Kjersti has been questioning the purpose in her’s a lot recently. “Lately I’ve been feeling that just traveling and competing isn’t enough,” she shares with the group, “What am I going to do with my life? How am I going to make my life about more than just me?” She goes on, “That’s what PRSNT is for me. I really feel that this is my purpose and I’m so blessed to be able to make this a part of my career.”

    This; a female community built on snowboarding, mindfulness and health. This sense of belonging, purpose, and curiosity cultivated within small groups at a time that will expand to PRSNT tribes around the world. These mountains of energy Kjersti and Chanelle continually spend creating PRSNT Performance Camp vibrate through the beloved PRSNT Lodge, into all the ladies at the camp, and through to the rest of their lives.



    Kjersti and Chanelle are big activists for the climate as well, working with sustainable partners like Simply Straws, Protect Our Winters and Zeal Optics to do their part to protect our beloved outdoor playgrounds. This winter, what the campers took along with them besides all the elements of “presentness” was an AIARE-1 Avalanche Certification. “Working with Colorado Mountain Guides for the AIARE Level 1 course made so much sense with our mindfulness message. Avalanche awareness is all about slowing down and being aware of the elements around you.”   



    As Kjersti charges through contest season and she and Chanelle follow their purposes in snowboarding, business, and life, that message of purpose ripples throughout their lives and those of all the women of this winter’s first PRSNT Performance camp.

    For more information on PRSNT visit or @bprsnt on Instagram.

    PRSNT Founder: Chanelle Sladics talks Simply Straws Kickstarter

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    Our heartfelt thanks to the following awesome humans:  

    • Kickstarter Video- Emily Wheatley | @FindingMacaroon
    • Filming - Emily Wheatley, Chanelle Sladics, Kjersti Buaas
    • Publicist- Jen Pearson | Single Fin PR | @singlefinpr
    • Social Media Ninja- Kimberely Bennett |Simply Straws
    • Graphic Design- Chanelle Sladics | @chanellesladics
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    PRSNT Performance Camp: Cultivating Community on and off-snow in Colorado

    Photos and Words: Gabby Aguirre


    ZEAL Ambassador Kjersti Buass and Chanelle Sladics, founders of PRSNT Performance hosted their second all women’s performance camp at Loveland Ski Resort this past weekend. The three-day camp, centered around adventure, yoga, nutrition and meditation, was complemented with workshops by fellow snowsports athletes and health specialists. Chanelle and Kjersti were accompanied by pro rider turned holistic chef Rachel Turiel, snowboard legend and health facilitator Tara Dakides, as well as olympic skier with a specialty in essential oils Keri Herman. The long weekend attracted women of all ages from all around Colorado, with campers ranging from 14 to 41 years old. Each day packed with snowboarding, yoga, gratitude practices, and health workshops, PRSNT Performance cultivated mind, body, and community right in our backyard.

    The ladies trickled into the cabin Friday afternoon where they were greeted by goodies from numerous sponsors including goggles from Zeal Optics, yoga mats from Lululemon, energy and hydration drinks from Purps and Guayaki, and snacks from Nativas Naturals superfoods. “Working with companies that are doing such amazing things is really important to us because they align so greatly with what we believe in,” Chanelle reflected. For Kjersti, working with conscious brands has been a dream come true. “I’m drawn to these brands for their authenticity. It’s so amazing to work with Zeal because it’s not this huge corporation. I can go in, meet and talk to the people who work there, that’s really important for me, there feels to be so much more purpose in that.”Backcountry adventures included to create a well rounded experience

    PRSNT Performance was less about athletic performance and more so success in all arenas of life. Chef Rachel Turiel integrated her background in cooking and snowboarding to prepare healthy snacks and meals throughout the weekend, accompanied by explanations of each ingredient and their benefits for digestion, energy, and overall health. General health and mindfulness of what’s being put into the body and how that affects other parts of life was a main point of discussion over the weekend. Tara Dakides led a workshop on antioxidant health, and pro skier Keri Herman came out to educate the group on essential oil healing. Yoga, meditation, and stretching were integral in preparing for and winding down from long days on-hill. From avalanche courses and beacon testing to splitboarding and snowshoeing, the activities at Loveland challenged the campers’ endurance, intuition, and mental toughness.

    By facilitating an environment full of mindfulness and the “live in the present” mentality, PRSNT Performance cultivated mind, body, and community in three short days. What’s next for the Kjersti and Chanelle? “We’re looking towards continuing to expand PRSNT internationally and extending it to even longer retreats. Our first camp was just one day and those people wished it was longer, and even after these three days none of the campers wanted to leave!” With two huge successes under their belts, the two are looking towards a week-long camp in November focused on community, mindfulness and living in the PRSNT.




    PRSNT Performance Retreat launches their first Womens Snowboard + Ski Self Development Camp in USA at Loveland Ski Area, CO.


    Adventure. Avalanche Awareness. Yoga. Nutrition. Meditation. Digital Disconnect.

    PRSNT PERFORMANCE connects female snowboard+ ski enthusiasts with nutrition and health through a weekend camp at Loveland Ski Area, Colorado.

    April 5th, 2016 – Loveland Ski Area, Colorado— PRSNT PERFORMANCE, founded by professional snowboarders Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics announces the launch of their first camp in the US. This camp will encompass nutrition, yoga, and meditation with on-hill adventures complemented by an avalanche awareness workshop. This weekend will be a massive opportunity to embrace a digital disconnect and reconnect without the noise of technology.

    “We are excited to add some new elements to the experience and extend it to a full weekend offering. As more enthusiasts continue to be inspired to adventure into the mountains, we feel it is really important to learn about avalanche awareness and we want to empower our campers with this knowledge, says Chanelle Sladics, Co-Founder of PRSNT.  I also look forward to opportunities to put my technology away as a group, rest my eyes from the screens and my mind from the noise to reconnect.”

    The weekend will have special guests from snowboard legend Tara Dakides testing campers antioxidant levels and teaching them about having a strong defense system. “As we all know, great health takes time, effort and knowledge and not everyone has that dedication. Chanelle and Kjersti have very busy lives, but they dedicate every lifestyle choice to living and eating well and educating others on how to get started the right way,” says Tara. Followed by Olympian skier Keri Herman’s essential oils workshop.  The weekend will be completed by nutritious vegan masterpieces, prepared by Rachel Turiel, an ex-professional snowboarder and now a holistic private chef.

    “Your body is always present, it’s the mind who wanders and gets lost. We want to get women of all ages and levels together to do yoga, snowboard, ski, meditate, learn about health and nutrition, while practicing awareness of the #PRSNT moment. Being professional athletes has thought us that it is in this state that we perform our best. We want to help facilitate an environment that will stimulate the participants to get to this special place, because we know how powerful it is! We believe that whether it is on the mountain, at work or in anything you are passionate about, this state of mind is the key to performing to your fullest potential. For us the goal is for the campers to go home with tools that they didn’t have prior to the camp and to know how to utilize these in their daily life," says four time Olympian and co-founder of camp, Kjersti Buaas. 

    WIN a FREE spot in our TRONDHEIM camp

    WIN a FREE spot in our TRONDHEIM camp. Share this video post with your personal connection to why you want to come play with us next weekend. Most authentic “share” wins. Winner announced on Kjersti Buaasbirthday Tuesday January 5th! In spirit of sharing and caring, we would love to gift you 5% off for sharing this post (we will message you the discount code) Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics are kicking off the new year with their PRSNT camp Vassfjellet Skiheiser AS in Trondheim, Norway Saturday, January 9th. This is no ordinary snowboard camp. They will be hosting playtime all over the mountain, serving yummy organic food, and teaching you about your bodies along side professional physios + yogis and nutritionists. Grab a spot to find your inner zen with them! ‪#‎bprsnt‬‪#‎prnstperformance‬ ‪#‎getwierd‬ ‪#‎havefun‬ Eureka Kiropraktikk TrondheimBerit Nordstrand lululemon athletica PURPS The Raw Chocolate CompanySimply Straws World Snowboard Federation BLUE TOMATO Colour Wear

    Kjersti Buaas & Chanelle Sladics launch PRSNT Performance Camps and partner with Evolve Chile in Nevados de Chillan to kick it off + #TakemetoChile Contest


    Nevados de Chillan, Chile

    Feb 10, 2015 - Evolve Chile today announced the partnership with PRSNT performance to bring a wellness experience to their adult camp this summer. This all-inclusive wellness retreat includes backcountry skiing and snowboarding with luxury lodging, fine dining and post mountain wellness activities.

    “Evolve Chile is all about giving our guests a well rounded experience on and off the snow. We are so thrilled to be working with Chanelle and Kjersti for our 2015 Adult session. The on mountain experience these two athletes bring to the program, coupled with their positive and healthy outlook on life will make this years adult session epic” Daniel Rinzler, Co-Founder Evolve Chile

    The Evolve Chile adult session is more than your average ski and snowboard trip. This program is for those who enjoy the outdoors but who also value a balanced lifestyle. We take skiing, snowboarding and backcountry safety awareness sincerely, but we also infuse yoga, meditation, surfing, and food workshops into the experience. The best part is that it all takes place under the roof of our beautiful lodge. 

    The Evolve adult session take place in the South of Chile in the Nevados de Chillan Mountain area August 7-14th, 2015. Our guests are housed in Roca Negra, our private 5-star lodge. The program is for strong intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders who are looking for something different. Don’t worry, we will be riding pow, hiking, and for those who want to, riding snowmobiles into the back country. Helicopter sessions are also available. Lets not forget that a good party or two will be had and of course top of the line Chilean wine will be consumed. Our lodge amenities include spa, sauna, massage room, wifi, boot storage, tv, pool table, lounge with fireplace and a stunning new yoga/mediation room. 

    Chanelle Sladics

    Chanelle Sladics

    The session is being co-hosted by professional snowboarder’s who recently launched PRSNT performance retreats globally. Founders X-Games Bronze Medalist, Chanelle Sladics, a Yogaworks® graduated teacher and avid environmental activist and Kjersti Buaas, Olympic Bronze Medalist, with 15 years of experience competing on the world snowboard tour. 

    “PRSNT Performance is focusing on bringing wellness to the already existing adult camp at Evolve.  We couldn't be happier to parter with Evolve Chile to share our passion, knowledge and commitment to health through yoga, food workshops, and prsntness. Evolve Chile is the perfect getaway for an unforgettable experience, where campers can disconnect to reconnect.   We look forward to growing this new program with Evolve so many campers can experience the balance between mountain life and rejuvenation, says Chanelle Sladics.”

    Kjersti Buaas

    Kjersti Buaas

    “It is an honor to share common grounds and work with Evolve Chile, as our philosophy for life is similar. I am so excited to help guide the wellness side of things at the Evolve’s adult camp.  As a professional athlete it is important for me to eat healthy and do activities like yoga to maintain both a flexible body and mind.  Its a dream coming to life to share my passion for nutrition with people that want to take their experience on the mountain to a whole new level. With the right tools, I believe we have so much potential to push our limits to new heights, says Kjersti Buaas.”

    If you thought it could not get any better, Evolve and PRSNT are hosting an online compeition that gives you a chance to win a seat that this summers session!!! To find out how to enter this once in a lifetime opportunity- go to or

    “ We invite you to come experience the endless winter with a crew of positive people. All of us at Evolve Chile, Roca Negra and PRSNT performance are counting down the days for winter in the Southern Hemisphere,” Jeff Richmond - Co-Founder of Evolve.

    For more pricing and more information, please visit, or call 1.888.222.5066.

    About Evolve Chile

    For the last 7 years, Evolve has offered the ultimate ski and snowboard experience in Chile. Our camp goes far and beyond what other ski and snowboard programs offer. We expose our guests to a life changing experience that encompasses new culture, new food, new terrain, and a mountain and city lifestyle that most have not experienced.  We’re based at Valle Nevado and Termas de Chillan. The mountain offers diverse terrain coupled with a unique feel and cool vibes. Skiers and Snowboarders take their mountain and park skills to the next level with our select crew of coaches and guides.  Whether that means slaying deep Chilean Pow or nailing that new trick in the park, we have you covered.  Evolve goes above and beyond the pow, big mountain and Andes experience. With city tours of Santiago, and surfing in Puentecillo and Viñas del Mar, we truly leave our campers and guests with the ultimate South American shred experience.

    About PRSNT:

    PRSNT Performance was founded by professional snowboarders Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics. We believe getting the juice out of life requires you to operate at high performance and getting there is a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual pursuit.  Intertwining yin & yang activities promotes balance, health and happiness.  Through healthy living workshops,  environmental education and outdoor adventures, PRSNT aims to accelerate personal growth in a fun group setting. 

    Activities include, but are not limited to: snowboarding, splitboarding, hiking, surfing, yoga, SUP, nutrition workshops, raw cooking classes, meditation and goal setting coupled with campfire vibes and positivity.  

    The Real Surf Trips: WOMEN RADICAL RETREAT

    Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat

    Come play, laugh, and expand yourself with our version of a Women’s Wellness Retreat. Hosted by Chanelle Sladics and Kjersti Buaas, two Professional Snowboarder’s with great passionate to preserve the beauty of our planet and ourselves. X-Games Bronze Medalist, Chanelle Sladics, also a Yogaworks graduated teacher and avid environmental activist. Kjersti Buaas, Olympic Bronze Medalist, has 15 years of experience competing on the snowboard world tour and is currently going into her 4th Olympics!

    We aim to share the most valuable life tools and techniques that have greatly transformed us on our action packed paths! The focal point of this week is combining the yin consciousness to the yang activity. We will be lightly covering the power of water, nutrition, gratitude, meditation, breath-work, presentness, flexibility, and yin/yang balance through physical “rock n roll” activities like surfing, SUP, yoga, diving (snorkel/free dive workshop). We are confident you will leave with an elevated connection to yourself, the earth, and this moment.

    Whether you are new or experienced at surfing/SUPing/yoga or any of the above, don’t worry, this week is nurtures all levels. ALL you need is a curious mind, an open heart, a desire to move your body and a mindful attitude. Lets collectively aim to not judge each other; creating a safe space to learn, grow, and expand ourselves.


    Chanelle Sladics

    Professional Snowboarder/X-Games Bronze Medalist/Yoga Teacher/Environmental Activist

    Born and raised in Newport Beach, CA, now residing in Breckenridge, CO.

    Kjersti Buaas

    Professional Snowboarder/Olympic Bronze Medalist/Environmental Activist

    Born and raised in Trondhiem, Norway.

    For more info and insight on this week’s hosts- please check out


    Our schedule was will as unpredictable as the wave forecast. In addition to the groups collective voice and goals, mother nature’s weather will determine what activities we can do and when. Your package will include daily surf or SUP lessons, with 1 group boat dive scheduled. You may snorkel at the top and enjoy the view, or Chanelle will guide a mellow introduction to free diving with breath work. Yoga will be practiced daily in some form, in addition to a workshop on how to integrate the 8 limbs of yoga. Again these Yang activities will be inspired by a Yin energy from within.

    Whether overcoming your fear in the water or within, come face your challenges with us- peacefully and playfully! Pura Vida!


    This weeks cuisine focus will be LOCAL, NON-GMO, ORGANIC whole foods. We will talk in depth about this way of living, supporting a system of farmers that truly support us, the animals, & the health of our planet! Fresh caught fish, local eggs, veggies and fruit will all be apart of the mostly gluten-free meals. Organic coffee and tea will be available, but caffeine is not encouraged, as we aim to teach you about the subtle body energy that is negatively influenced by sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Disposable plastics will be another topic of focus. We will gifting eco goody bags to support new habits of awareness in regards to eliminating your single-use plastic footprint this week and beyond. FUN is the foundation of our days! Documentaries will be watched, discussion groups will be had, gratitude circles will be initiated, kind gestures will be encouraged and progression will be ignited!

    We suggest a cleanse a week before from sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking (if you dare).
    Recommended reading:

    Mastory of Love (by Don Miguel Ruiz)

    The Hidden Messages of Water (by Dr. Emoto)

    “When I stay in the moment and focus on what is at hand, I not only feel more fulfilled, but I also preserve and enhance the infinite potential of my body and life for healing and wholeness.

    -”The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude” by Dr. Darren R Weissman

    $1995 per person