We live very active lifestyles and find the importance of fueling up with good, nutrient dense food profound. Since we eat mostly a plant based diet and do not eat many grains (we have almost cut out all bread of our diet, but we eat real sourdough when available) we challenge ourselves to be creative with our meals. Our favorite healthy, yummy breakfast bowl (that actually fills us up after a big run) is a yummy, healthy breakfast bowl, filled to the brim with good quality ingredients. You can add anything to this really, but check out the list below for what we love to add into our bowls. We eat eggs (happy chicken) so that adds a lot of value for us to this bowl, but if you are fully vegan, jackfruit is a great addition.



(Organic, well sourced and local when possible)

Fermented Sauer Kraut, Red and Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Lemon, Chick Pees, Spicy Avocado Salsa, Carrots, Macadamia Nuts & Blueberries

Drizzle over cold pressed olive oil, chia seeds and add the poached egg

Drizzle over cold pressed olive oil, chia seeds and add the poached egg

We also like to add avocado and coconut yogurt, especially if we dont have the egg :)


Here is a favorite breakfast bowl of ours that came to life by just having a good time in the kitchen. We are such big fans of eating clean and healthy, meaning using ingredients that are grown in pure soil, without all the chemicals and GMO's 🌱

Our bodies are depending on us to take care of them and through our food we can create a healthy environment. This will show both on the inside and outside of ourselves. We also believe that the food has to taste good, so by using high quality ingredients like this is also a ticket to successful, simple and delicious meals. 

This breakfast bowl involves organic fresh greens at the bottom, sourdough artisan whole grain bread, avocado and eggs from pasture- raised chickens. Drizzle organic, cold pressed olive oil over the whole bowl and sprinkle with raw hemp seeds. Top it with sea salt of good quality and fresh cracked pepper. Finish with a squeeze of lemon and jalapeños for spice. We assure you this bowl will inspire some loud sounds and make you wanna go dance 💃