PRSNT Performance Camp: Cultivating Community on and off-snow in Colorado

Photos and Words: Gabby Aguirre


ZEAL Ambassador Kjersti Buass and Chanelle Sladics, founders of PRSNT Performance hosted their second all women’s performance camp at Loveland Ski Resort this past weekend. The three-day camp, centered around adventure, yoga, nutrition and meditation, was complemented with workshops by fellow snowsports athletes and health specialists. Chanelle and Kjersti were accompanied by pro rider turned holistic chef Rachel Turiel, snowboard legend and health facilitator Tara Dakides, as well as olympic skier with a specialty in essential oils Keri Herman. The long weekend attracted women of all ages from all around Colorado, with campers ranging from 14 to 41 years old. Each day packed with snowboarding, yoga, gratitude practices, and health workshops, PRSNT Performance cultivated mind, body, and community right in our backyard.

The ladies trickled into the cabin Friday afternoon where they were greeted by goodies from numerous sponsors including goggles from Zeal Optics, yoga mats from Lululemon, energy and hydration drinks from Purps and Guayaki, and snacks from Nativas Naturals superfoods. “Working with companies that are doing such amazing things is really important to us because they align so greatly with what we believe in,” Chanelle reflected. For Kjersti, working with conscious brands has been a dream come true. “I’m drawn to these brands for their authenticity. It’s so amazing to work with Zeal because it’s not this huge corporation. I can go in, meet and talk to the people who work there, that’s really important for me, there feels to be so much more purpose in that.”Backcountry adventures included to create a well rounded experience

PRSNT Performance was less about athletic performance and more so success in all arenas of life. Chef Rachel Turiel integrated her background in cooking and snowboarding to prepare healthy snacks and meals throughout the weekend, accompanied by explanations of each ingredient and their benefits for digestion, energy, and overall health. General health and mindfulness of what’s being put into the body and how that affects other parts of life was a main point of discussion over the weekend. Tara Dakides led a workshop on antioxidant health, and pro skier Keri Herman came out to educate the group on essential oil healing. Yoga, meditation, and stretching were integral in preparing for and winding down from long days on-hill. From avalanche courses and beacon testing to splitboarding and snowshoeing, the activities at Loveland challenged the campers’ endurance, intuition, and mental toughness.

By facilitating an environment full of mindfulness and the “live in the present” mentality, PRSNT Performance cultivated mind, body, and community in three short days. What’s next for the Kjersti and Chanelle? “We’re looking towards continuing to expand PRSNT internationally and extending it to even longer retreats. Our first camp was just one day and those people wished it was longer, and even after these three days none of the campers wanted to leave!” With two huge successes under their belts, the two are looking towards a week-long camp in November focused on community, mindfulness and living in the PRSNT.