Week Combines Yin Consciousness and Yang Activity

SANTA CRUZ, CA, June 28, 2013 - Real Surf Trips. today announced the exclusive, “Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat” at their luxurious. “Wave House” beach home in Playa Negra, Costa Rica starting Sep 14, 2013  and going through Sep 21, 2013. The retreat all-inclusive and includes a 5 bedroom/4 bath luxury lodging facility with wi-fi, large screen tv’s, pool, 3 meals per day, airport pick up and drop off and transportation to surf breaks and

diving. The Wave House is located a short walk to the water in a warm and beautiful laid-back surf and beach community that boasts beautiful and secluded beaches and consistent waves.

The Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat is being taught by two professional snowboarder’s,  X-Games Bronze Medalist, Chanelle Sladics, a Yogaworks® graduated teacher and avid environmental activist and Kjersti Buaas, Olympic Bronze Medalist, with 15 years of experience competing on the snowboard world tour. She is currently working towards her fourth Olympics.


This special week will focus on nutrition, meditation, breath-work, presentness, flexibility, and yin/yang balance through physical “rock n roll” activities like surfing, SUP, yoga and diving.  Attendees will leave with an elevated connection to themselves, the planet, and “being here now.”

In addition to the groups collective voice and goals, mother nature’s weather will determine what activities we can do and when. Yoga will b

e practiced daily and the cuisine for the week will focus on local, non GMO and organic whole foods.

Chanelle Sladics said, “My passion for health, the environment, snowboarding, SUP, surfing, diving and yoga has inspired me to start camp retreats in remote locations to immerse “campers” in nature to use their mind, body, and soul to reconnect with who they are, what they are capable of, and have a blast!  Real Surf Trips are great partners to initiate this camp series as their location in Costa Rica is very sustainability focused with lots of yummy local farm fresh foods to eat, the local surf breaks are epic, diving is nearby, yoga is everywhere”.

Kjersti Buaas said, “I am so grateful that Chanelle and I get to host “The Womens Radical Wellness Retreat” in Costa Rica. It is an honor to share common grounds and work with Real Surf Trips, as our philosophy for life is similar. We aim to play and learn through surfing, SUP, yoga, cooking, reading, watching documentaries and other fun activities and want to expand our vision on how to live in harmony with our beautiful earth. I am confident it will be a week filled with laughs, passion, love, connections, activity and growth!”

For more pricing and more information, please visit, www.RealSurfTrips.com or call 831-440-7676

About RealSurfTrips.com:

Real Surf Trips was created by two surfing veterans that wanted to offer a special surf destination that they could share with their friends and other surf enthusiasts. After living in Costa Rica for almost 20 years and traveling the world surfing for almost three decades, they settled on the most consistent place for great waves to set up shop, Playa Negra on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. RealSurfTrips.com is for the individual who wants to surf some of the best-uncrowded waves with a variety of spots and some of the best surf conditions possible. A favorite motto of theirs is, “vivir para surfear y surfear para vivir”…live to surf and surf to live!