A strong core is fundamental to perform your best in any activity. It's also linked to good self-esteem and and can help prevent injuries and bad posture. Make sure you switch between exercises for your lower back and your stomach muscles to create balance.

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Plank to pull ins.

Plank to pull ins.


Downward Phase: 

Inhale and slowly lower your body back to a plank position. Keep the torso rigid and head and spine aligned. Do not allow the low back or ribcage to sag. The intensity of this exercise can be increased by lengthening the straps and positioning your body further away from the anchor point of the bands.

Upward Phase: 

On an exhale, engage your abdominals. Bring your hips toward the ceiling and pull your legs toward your chest. Keep the legs straight and strong and toes pointed. Your feet should be glued together throughout the exercise. Continue the movement until your hips move directly over your shoulders in somewhat of a handstand position. Keep the torso rigid. Do not allow the spine to arch or bow.  

PIKE Description credit: www.acefitness.org/exercise-library-details/1/88/
The Mountain Climber.

The Mountain Climber.

Before using bands you should be able to effectively stabilize your low back with your core muscles, because these exercises are advanced.